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If you have an informed opinion on investing that you want to share with The Inflationist community, we welcome you to register as an author. The best way to contribute to The Inflationist, and most beneficial to readers, is to sign up for “The Inflationist Challenge 2009″ and to manage your very own virtual portfolio. That way, your portfolio performance speaks for the quality of your articles (price action is all we care about really). The Inflationist strives to provide objective, transparent stock recommendations leveraging on public investing talent by organising The Inflationist Challenge 2009.

All articles will be reviewed by us prior to publication. We reserve the right to reject any article deemed not to meet our quality standards. All shareholdings and relationships with companies named in the article must be fully disclosed.
We will not publish articles by individuals or companies that are compensated for coverage of that company’s stock or business. These are guidelines all writers must adhere to:

Be Specific

Try to be specific about companies, share price estimates and valuations, and offer specific reasoning and explanation rather than general market commentary which are readily available online. The Inflationist attempts to create an investing community focused on outperforming the market, so providing exact prices at the time of writing is crucial - after all, we only care about price action. You may be the worst writer, but you have our full attention if your returns outperforms the rest of us.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Although fundamentalists at heart, we welcome technical talents in the public to guide our timing in and out of companies we favour fundamentally.

Be Unique

Do not copy and paste articles from other sources - all authors are responsible for their writing and liable to copyright infringements. Plagiarised articles will be removed immediately and the author suspended.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions of concerns, feel free to contact us on

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