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Jan 30

TheInflationist Weekend Summary 30.01.2010

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This week has been fantastic for bears. We posted our 1937 vs 2007 comparison a week ago - and included a road map (in yellow, 2nd chart below). We even stuck our necks out to say we are going to hold our shorts to sub 10k - and then leave the rest of the icing for the next trader. It took only one week of decline to make our account look ALOT better. Beware though, next week could bring us back to where we were (or worse!).

Starting Portfolio Value, 4 January 2009: $ 40,000

Starting Portfolio Value, 4 January 2010: $ 92,748

TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 29.01.2010
TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 29.01.2010

We started 2010 with $92748. Since 4 Jan 2010, we have recorded a 29.24% return, our account standing at $119,863. For new readers, we started LIVE trading on TheInflationist Challenge on 4 January 2009 with $40,000. That’s a return of 199.65% in 13 months! Continue…

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TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 201209
no responses - Posted 12.20.09
Our last weekend summary was a month ago - since then markets have gone up about 5%. It is humiliating reading through previous posts shorting so eagerly at every alternate post - we fired shorts when Dow was at 9980, 10200, and finally 10520+10540 (hooray!). Our topside heavy approach and ...continue
The Inflationist Weekend Summary: 22112009
no responses - Posted 11.22.09
We constantly comb the web for both fundamental and technical analyses, formulate our own hypothesis based on our indicators, and then trade based on our Rules of Trading. We are fundamentalist at heart, inspired by Jim Rogers and Warren Buffett, but time our fundamentally aligned trades based on technical analyses. ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 31.10.2009
no responses - Posted 10.31.09
The Dow closed -250 points on Friday, losing all of its gains from Thursday. October asserts its authority on the last trading day, ensuring that markets close the month down after a promising start. We updated our portfolio after Fridays blood bath. Our portfolio value went up to $105822 after ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary 10.10.09
no responses - Posted 10.11.09
Our portfolio value including all unrealised trading positions have been updated as of 10.10.2009. Net value have decreased to $86109 , with cash at $34525 after our purchase of AAC and additional 20000 COE. We got rid of Telstra as we feel that Australian Agriculture Company (AAC) presents a greater ...continue
TheInflationist : Trading Summary
1 response - Posted 08.14.09
Our weekend summaries have been on hold whilst we were away on holidays. During this 3 week period, markets have rallied about 10%, with the ASX up from 4000 to 4510. We opened another short at 4480 today $10/point. Our portfolio net value have decreased to 82706, up 106% since ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 270609
no responses - Posted 06.28.09
Our portfolio is now worth $90700 including all unrealised positions, taking our total return (in 6 months) to 126%. Cash in bank increased to just over $57229 after taking profits in our short NIFTY, intraday long Dax, and 5 cent dividend from BJT. The rest of our trading portfolio is ...continue

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