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Shorting IBM | Olympus Limit Up 2 Consecutive Days
2 responses - Posted 11.15.11
Since we bought Olympus on Friday at Y470, it has shot up on 2 consecutive days - so much so that it triggered its daily limit up of 19% per day. Monday it closed at Y540, and today it closed at Y640. WSJ reports "easing concerns of delisting" and that ...continue
Failed Hindenburg Omens
no responses - Posted 09.28.10
We have decided to hold our (mainly net short) positions, bunker down, and look away. I wouldn't be going all in short US-markets here - the continued bad numbers in unemployment and consumer confidence is NOT good for bears. Markets dip with September consumer confidence worst in X years - ...continue
Warren Buffett’s Letter to Shareholders
no responses - Posted 02.28.10
Warren Buffett's latest letter to shareholders is now online: 1. Warren Buffett's letter to shareholders 2. Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Report 2009 continue
Inflationist Eyes Property Developer United Overseas Australia (UOS.AX)
no responses - Posted 09.15.09
UOS is a founder run Malaysian property developer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (Yahoo code UOS.AX). Profitable since inception and trading significantly below NTA, this family owned and run business is our kind of business. It builds both commercial and residential properties in Kuala Lumpur and owns a portfolio ...continue
Warren Buffett Investment Index | Investing Like Warren Buffett
4 responses - Posted 05.03.09
If one were to invest $1900 with Warren Buffett 44 years ago when one was 25 years of age, at age 69 that amount would now stand at $7,053,000 - compounding at an annual rate of 20.3%. Although most of this outstanding performance are outside of his investment in stocks ...continue

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