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Nov 16

TheInflationist 2 Year Performance Review

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We started our private investment fund on 13 September 2009 - capitalised at 100k. Our strategy was to split our portfolio into 2 trading arms, with 20k each (one for each partner), and a long only equity portfolio of ~20k; with cash of about 40k to buffer our trading accounts against black swan events.

On 13 November 2011, 2 years 2 months later, the net value of our fund (including open positions P/L) stand at $175k, up 75%. Our performance breakdown is as follows:

1. Trading account A: 20k to 75k (+275%)

2. Trading account B: 20k to 30k (+50%)

3. Long only Equity Portfolio: 30k to 35k (+16.6%)

4. Cash: 35k

NET PORTFOLIO Performance: +75% (S&P 500 over the same period: +19.29%)

We have lightened up our trading portfolios - biggest position remains short Amazon, US Tech, long agriculture ETFs. Our equity portfolio are as displayed on the right hand side. Note that some of the “losses” displayed does not reflect cash back (Astro Japan, Straits Resources), takeovers (Chemgenex), and Continue…

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