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Jan 08

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Ron Paul Documentary: SAVE AMERICA
no responses - Posted 01.07.12
I cannot imagine why Americans would vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. The truth coming out of Ron Paul is refreshing. continue
Ron Paul 2002 Prediction
no responses - Posted 01.06.12
When Ron Paul made the prediction in 2002, Gold was $300. Inflationary collapse have not occurred yet so far. continue
Bloomberg Shuns Ron Paul: “Romney-Gingrich Iowa Campaigns Intensify”
no responses - Posted 12.27.11
Bloomberg headlines totally ignores Ron Pauls leading poll position in the campaign. Here is the full article below. Unhappy Ron Paul readers please feel free to contact Bloomberg reporter and editor responsible for the article below. To contact the reporter on this story: Lisa Lerer in Des Moines at To contact the editor ...continue
This Ones For Ron Paul
no responses - Posted 12.14.11
Newt Gingrich 22%, Ron Paul 21%. I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for Newt. If Ron becomes President, I definitely will be covering my shorts. continue
CBS News Does Not Support The Troops
no responses - Posted 11.14.11
From Ron Pauls Campaign Chairman: “CBS News, in their arrogance, may think they can choose the next president. Fortunately, the people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and across America get to vote and not the media elites.” That is, if gauging the amount of time CBS News allotted each candidate during the televised ...continue

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