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Oct 11

Livestock and Hogs

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Although our Agriculture ETF is doing well and will continue to do well, the much hyped about Natural gas trade is heading further south and look set to continue its death spiral. We have realised that ETF is a flawed vehicle to invest in Natural Gas. Every blog has recognised that gas is low and cannot remain low forever, so we see people continue buying Natural Gas ETFs. Problem is, gas is not transportable (yes it can be liquified but thats under the ticker Liquid Gas, NOT NG). So gas per se is not storable - thus subjected to huge contangos which is gradually eroding its value. In hindsight, its the perfect short, especially using the leveraged NG ETF. We are looking for other commodities where ETFs are a flawed vehicle to invest in - if you find one, let us know - we will short it with you. With gas ETF at all time low, we are not keen to short it here.

We are buying some Hogs and Livestock ETFs here. Costs of feeds are going to rocket with the huge rally in grain, corn, etc. This will invariably result in higher prices in livestock and hogs. Price of livestock will be = cost of feed + profit margin. So if cost of feed go up, price goes up. At the moment, the price of livestock and lean hogs are NOT going up with the rest of the soft commodities. Question is, and this goes back to Natural gas, are ETFs a flawed instrument to invest in hogs and livestock? Are there huge contangos? Can they be stored/deliverable? If investors can take delivery and store the commodity, the extent of the contango will be self limiting. This is not the case with NG. We think livestock and lean hogs can be shipped in containers.

1000 Livestock ETF 3.88

2000 lean hogs ETF 1.13

These are intentionally very small initial positions since its a “knee jerk” purchase after a huge rise in wheat/soy/corn prices (always a bad move). USD is also very weak, so any rise in the USD may result in a pullback in all commodities.

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