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Feb 04

India NIFTY Trade Update

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We have $75/point short NIFTY entry point 5375 left. Our long hedges in Nikkei and DJ were closed for $29k profits. We closed $65/point today at our entry at 5375 to lighten up our naked short position. So our long Nikkei/DJ + short NIFTY NET profit is now 29k, with $10/point short @ 5375. The NIFTY has fallen from ~6400 - the entire years rise wiped out in a month. We feel that there is still alot of downside in the long term, BUT nothing falls in a straight line. It has fallen more than China H shares in the short term. Markets like Jakarta and Brazil that rallied above 2007 highs (like India) have often pulled back 10-15%, then rallies back up to the previous high before breaking down again. We cannot be certain if India will make a double peak, but lightening up is a good idea after such a relentless fall. With 29k in the bank, and a $10/point short NIFTY exposure, thats 2900 points to wipe out our realised gains (VERY unlikely). We look to reanchor our shorts as the NIFTY scales its previous peak. We also lightened up our personal portfolio on Amazon - we have held all our shorts and fired more as it went to $190. Last week, whilst we were away in Cambodia, it fell to $166 - again a few months worth of gains wiped out in a day! For the purpose of our public portfolio we are still holding all our Amazon shorts.

Germany’s Dax is our main play as it makes new highs. DJIA is also making new highs but its gains are not as crazy as Germany. 7300 is the next resistance - we are hoping for an intraday spike to fire more shorts. We may swap our naked short NIFTY’s for short Dax.

We posted a roadmap for Dax on December 2 - looks like the expected pull back was less than expected. Our main concern is the relatively gradual rise - be prepared for an accelerated phase at the top as shorts get squeezed.

Germany Dax Roadmap
Germany Dax Roadmap

Germany Dax Chart - Roadmap 2011
Germany Dax Chart - Roadmap 2011

The ASX remains very weak - we have not even broken April 2010 high of 5000. Will floods really have a net negative impact on the markets? Sure, insurers, some miners and farms will be hit - but think of the subsequent rebuilding, plasma TVs, fridges, etc that need to be replaced?

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