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Oct 28

Hugh Hendry LSE Interview | 26 October 2011

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Fantastic 5-part interview with Hugh Hendry earlier in the year.

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Hugh Hendry July 2011 Interview
no responses - Posted 08.14.11
Hugh Hendry - the most uncorrelated fund is still bearish on China continue
Did Hugh Hendry Make a Fortune From his $2 billion Japanese CDS Position?
no responses - Posted 04.04.11
In the previous King World News interview, our hero Hugh Hendry revealed his $2 billion dollar Japanese CDS short position as a way of shorting China. His argument (apologies if its misquoted - refer to full interview here) was that Japanese factories were running at full steam ahead thanks to ...continue
Hugh Hendry January 2011 Market Commentary
no responses - Posted 03.06.11
Source: The market has become emphatic. We are in the midst of an orthodox, read strong, economic recovery and monetary policy is deemed too loose. Not willing to wait for official rate hikes, the money markets have taken matters into their own hands: a hawkish series of rate increases has been priced into forward curves. ...continue
Latest Hugh Hendry Interview | January 2011
no responses - Posted 01.13.11
Latest Interview by Hugh Hendry, Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of Eclectica Asset Management. Hugh Hendrys contentious posturing: USD rally Yen rally to 50-70 Interest rates not going up anytime soon 10 year US Treasury is a great asset to own for 2 years continue
Hugh Hendry’s Trade Update | Eclectica Asset Management November 2010
no responses - Posted 12.23.10
We are huge fans of the outspoken and candid Hugh Hendry - founder of Eclectica Asset Management - who has said that he suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, often saying "F-CK !" at the most inappropriate times! We aim to allocate some of our funds to Eclectica Asset Management when we ...continue
Marc Faber, Nassim Taleb, Hugh Hendry, Michael Gomez, Ashot Khachaturyants, David North, Michael Power | Trades and Prediction for 2010 | Interview
no responses - Posted 11.12.10
This all-star forum is 68 minutes long and organised by Russian Troika Dialog. Although this was held in Feb 2010 and we are close to the end of 2010, this could sometimes be an advantage to us as no one gets their timing right. George Soros trades in 2009 only ...continue

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