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Dec 22

Chipotle vs Amazon vs Apple vs Google Chart Comparison and Analysis

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Chipotle versus Amazon versus Apple versus Google Comparison 5 Year Chart
Chipotle versus Amazon versus Apple versus Google Comparison 5 Year Chart


1. Investing in Google (Brown line) over the last 5 years have been a (relatively) very bad investment

2. Gap between Apple and Amazon finally converge. We are still riding our 350 shares in Amazon short from $239. Plan to close another 200 shares at $160 +/- $10. We may not be greedy and take our profits at $170 if markets decide to take another dip. Now the blogosphere is full of bearish Amazon articles - we were about 12 months early!

(We often joke amongst ourselves - our foresight looks so far ahead that its counterproductive! Another example was our JB Hi Fi and Billabong Shorts - Billabong was $8 when we were shorting it. It closed $1.30 recently. We have been spending time scouting Billabong outlets and we didn’t like what we saw 12 months ago)

3. Chipotle is outperforming all over 5 year window. The RSI indicator below is for CMG - which is our next short candidate. It looks set for a decline but we cannot exclude a sharp push higher to $400. We started shorting Amazon at about $140 (peak was about $240) - again risk management is most important in top picking. If our margin of error in Amazon is applied to Chipotle at the current $333 short level, thats $570! Currently Chipotles PE is 51 - at $570 thats a PE of 87 (still not as insane as Amazon at its peak with a PE of 110).

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