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May 07

Forex Experiment Update #6

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Closed trades tonight, up 10.1% for yesterday and today, so aiming for my 3-5% for these 2 days. will post shots tomorrow morning as screen print don’t work on my 2 x 24″ screens

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HOG 2 Forex Robot Experiment Update #5
no responses - Posted 05.07.09
The trade from last night has settled in the quiet asian trade period. It's positive and should remain so.   (+2%) As the indi's are still saying up, it'll probably move up on london/NY sessions. continue
Forex HOG2 Software Experiment: Do They Work? Update #4
no responses - Posted 05.06.09
Sorry about the inability to give you what you wanted, but ISP problems and trading via a smartphone aren't at all easy,a right royal pain actually,  but here are all the trades. finished for the month, up 140%,  just getting the snaps of the trades to send off - - ...continue
Forex HOG 2 Experiment: Trade #3
1 response - Posted 04.24.09
I'm in a trade now, the indicators went thin both sides, so best to sit and wait till a definitive fence sets up to really indicate the direction, this may extend till monday morning (.. so I'd say it's going to be a lengthy trade, hoping for 8% of this one...... Perrie -------------------------- If you are convinced ...continue
Forex HOG2 Experiment: Do Forex Softwares Work?
no responses - Posted 04.23.09
2009.04.21 09:45        buy     0.48    eurusd  1.29326         0.00000         0.00000 2009.04.23 10:37        1.30288         0.00    0.00    2.11    461.76 2009.04.21 09:46        buy     0.62    usdchf  1.16936 ...continue
Forex Robot Software Experiment
3 responses - Posted 04.20.09
20 April 2009 - 6:56 PM  (Sydney Time) OK, I'm into my first trade, This one feels like it will be fairly   short lived, but I could be wrong,  unfortunately due to ISP problems I could not get in as soon as I wanted to, had to wait a few hours - net ...continue
The FOREX Experiment: “Do Forex Trading Robots Work?”
no responses - Posted 04.18.09
Our search for a Forex Robot Software to participate in The Inflationist Forex Robot Software Experiment is over. For new readers, we questioned if Trading Robot Softwares work in our post four weeks ago: "Forex Trading Robot Softwares: Do they Work?" Our feeling is they dont. It is unlikely for ...continue

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