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Dec 15

List of Stocks We Want For Christmas

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(Some of these we do not own yet, so please refrain from buying until we do :) )

1. AAC - Australian Agriculture Co

2. MAK - Minemakers - we have some (read full review on phosphate rock companies here)

3. POZ - Phosphate Australia (we have decided to get some of this)

4. IPR - Ipernica

5. GBP - Global Petroleum

6. PPP - Pan Pacific Petroleum (bought some at 20c sold at 35c, peaked at 66c! argh)

7. CFE - Cape Lambert (go Tony Sage!)

8. HGO - Hillgrove

9. RIC - Ridley

10. COE - Cooper Energy (some hiccups in current drilling but great buying opportunity)

11. AGS - Alliance Resource - only uranium stock in our radar.

Disclaimer: We own and/or intend to own the full list of stocks.

More detailed review when we have time.

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