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Nov 17

Long China

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Opened a small long China H Shares at 13060 $2/point. Next support if it falls further is 12770. From recent top last week, its fallen from ~14300 to 12960 (intraday) - 9.3% fall in a week. Thats a big decline - we expect a bounce which would retest highs at some point before heading down. Note this is only insurance to hedge against our short india (yes we have alot of that!)

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China Crash vs Great Depression | India NIFTY vs China vs 1929 Great Depression
no responses - Posted 09.09.10
Some (I think it was Jim Rogers in one of his interviews) have compared the crash in China in 2007 as a great opportunity and buying into China at the height of panic akin to buying into America post 1929 crash. We compare China H Shares vs Dow Jones in ...continue
Protected: Trade Update 27 August 2010
no responses - Posted 08.27.10
This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: continue
Go China Boo India !
no responses - Posted 02.08.10
Long $2 China H-shares at 10988, short India's NIFTY at 4755 $4/point. Also close $10/point NIFTY India at 4755 (opened at 5000), taking $2400 profits net spread continue
Shorted India’s NIFTY
no responses - Posted 12.09.09
We shorted India's NIFTY in our personal portfolio after taking some profits in China (closed at 12880) and Hang Seng (closed at 21800) shorts (This is off the record of our public portfolio). Percentage-wise, NIFTY has outperformed China (and the rest of the world) over a 6 month period - ...continue
Forces of Divergences Across Markets
no responses - Posted 11.15.09
We remain confident of our positions despite some being deeply in the red. We got a few phone calls from our trading colleagues expressing concern over some of our hedging strategies, in particular Hang Seng (surrogate market for China) Vs Nikkei(developed G3 nations). We maintain that profitable strategies are always ...continue
Marc Faber Bullish on Natural Gas
no responses - Posted 09.03.09
The November price remains in a significant contango: October contracts are trading 7.2% down for the day at 2.50 whilst November Natural Gas contracts are 3.70. (This is an equivalent in oil terms = $50 vs $74). We saw from last month that this contango need not correct on expiry ...continue

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