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Mar 18

Stocks We Are Down On

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One of the best things to do we feel is to review the losers in ones portfolio - the rationale is if ones analysis were correct in the first place, then buying more at lower prices is a great opportunity. So, we reviewed all stocks in our portfolio which are trading below our entry - the thought is if the fundamentals have not changed, then we ought to buy more at discounted prices:

1. Webster Limited (WBA.AX on Yahoo) - Bought at 67c, Now 43c - Down 37%. We bought Webster in the first week of coming online. Here is our analysis on Webster Limited written on 9 Jan 2009. We will not be loading up on WBA - we reviewed the latest financial report and did not realise they had 27m in borrowings (22m last financial year). Cash flow from operating business remains negative (see latest cash flow report below). They are also divesting their holdings in Salmon producer, Tassal to reduce debt from their loss making business. In hindsight we failed Continue…

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TheInflationist Weekend Summary 30.01.2010
no responses - Posted 01.30.10
This week has been fantastic for bears. We posted our 1937 vs 2007 comparison a week ago - and included a road map (in yellow, 2nd chart below). We even stuck our necks out to say we are going to hold our shorts to sub 10k - and then leave ...continue
List of Stocks We Want For Christmas
1 response - Posted 12.15.09
(Some of these we do not own yet, so please refrain from buying until we do :)) 1. AAC - Australian Agriculture Co 2. MAK - Minemakers - we have some (read full review on phosphate rock companies here) 3. POZ - Phosphate Australia (we have decided to get some of this) 4. IPR ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary 10.10.09
no responses - Posted 10.11.09
Our portfolio value including all unrealised trading positions have been updated as of 10.10.2009. Net value have decreased to $86109 , with cash at $34525 after our purchase of AAC and additional 20000 COE. We got rid of Telstra as we feel that Australian Agriculture Company (AAC) presents a greater ...continue
admin Buys AAC.AX
no responses - Posted 10.09.09
admin Buys AAC.AX continue

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