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Jan 21

Protected: Trading Laws of Relativity

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Short India Hedged China
no responses - Posted 01.20.10
Short NIFTY $5/point at 5200 ; long China H-Shares $2/point at 12250. continue
no responses - Posted 01.08.10
Long DJIA at 10580 $7 per point and short NASDAQ at $40 per point at 1889. continue
Taking Profits
no responses - Posted 11.03.09
GAME PLAN FOR NEXT WEEK So, our game plan of waiting for a higher entry point didnt eventuate. Markets opened down and went lower. We see markets going lower from here from a macro perspective. The trend followers will probably now short on rallies as oppose to buying on dips since ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 130609
no responses - Posted 06.14.09
Our portfolio value remains at $85619 including all unrealised positions. Our cash in bank is now $59249. Total return since inception (1 January 2009) stands at 114%. We look to increase our cash position by closing more long positions when the Dow hits 9500-10000. Reviewing all the stocks in our ...continue
Short India 4450
no responses - Posted 05.29.09
Markets remain trading within a tight range -triangulating into a narrow band ready to make a definitive move (up or down is anyones guess). Given our existing positions, we will not be going over the top. We will, though, open another short India at 4450 (the only market that is ...continue
India versus Hong Kong HK40 Discrepancy
no responses - Posted 05.25.09
HK40 is currently trading at 16940, whilst India 50 (NIFTY) just opened at 4234. We short $5/point India 50 at 4234 and long 7.50 HKD HK40 at 16940. Addition: We have also opened an additional short India at 4240 $5/point. continue

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