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Jan 05

Chipotle vs McDonalds vs Amazon vs Apple vs Google

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As we lightened our shorts on Amazon (down to 1/4 of shorts) we are slowly building up our short position in Chipotle. Read their latest quarterly report in the plane last week and am convinced the higher it goes the greater the opportunity is. As always, risk management is key as the top is never easy to pick. I recall our first post on shorting Amazon at ~$145, then $180, then $220. Boy were we “wrong” with timing, but over the last 6 months Amazon has dropped by over 30%. As usual, the blogs are now bearish on Amazon. We were also trying to short Netflix along its way up (unfortunately our broker had borrowing restrictions against short selling hence we were unable to open any shorts) as sentiment was invincibly bullish. As it fell to $67 (80% discount) we became buyers in this fantastic business, whilst the blogs were full of bearish analysis citing how bad management is. My only criticism with management’s decisions were NOT with trying to separate the DVD and streaming business, but the fact that they were doing buy backs at such inflated prices! (and now requiring to raise capital). Thats just stupid capital management. Even financial illiterate doctors such as ourselves can manage that better.

Back to Chipotle. As you know, fundamentals aside, the laws of gravity and mean reversion always applies to finance. No matter how great and bad your business is, charts do not usually go up or down in a straight line. Chipotle’s rocketing share price over the last 5 years have made it TOO EASY for the dumb money to get rich. And you bet there are alot of “dumb money” (now smart) riding it. As a rule, making money is never easy.

If one were to invest 10k in Chipotle

1. 1 YEAR AGO - Total value now = $16,000

Chipotle versus McDonalds versus Amazon versus Apple
Chipotle versus McDonalds versus Amazon versus Apple


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