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Oct 09

Case Study Wheat + Agriculture: ETF vs RJA-ETN vs Spot Price

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This research is aimed at looking at the correlation between soft commodity spot price versus Agriculture ETFs versus RJA ETN. Before we “go all in” into RJA-ETN and/or DJ AIGA, we wanted to be sure that these ETNs and ETFs were not a flawed vehicle, and that the ETF FUM was not eroded by contangos and backwardation.


Comparison : RJA Swedish ETN vs DJ AIGA ETF vs Wheat Spot
Comparison : RJA Swedish ETN vs DJ AIGA ETF vs Wheat Spot

Composition of Index:

Rogers International Commodity Index - AGRICULTURE -Broader range of soft commodities and includes Rice which is a staple diet for Chinese and Indians worldwide. Continue…

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Agriculture And Natural Gas ETF
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Our ETFs in Natural Gas and Agriculture are finally paying dividends. Patience is a virtue, and to be patient one must never be overleveraged. Breaking this golden rule will result in losses even with the right call. Our positions in Agriculture and Natural Gas are finally turning the corner. We ...continue
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TheInflationist Buys Agriculture ETC
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Markets continue to tumble as company earnings fall below forecasts precipitated by Walmart's profit downgrade earlier last week - analysts are now busy slashing projected forecasts across the board and downgrading their recommendations. We closed our eyes and jumped in, reassuring ourselves (against one of our rules of NEVER try ...continue

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