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Oct 19

Felix Zulauf Prediction 2010

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Felix Zulauf picked the 2009 rally and he is now predicting a year end decline. As we know, the market shows no respect for the credentials of successful investors - and success is measured not in days or months. In our analysis of George Soros Prediction his calls were off by about a year. Nothing in the investment horizon of seasoned traders like Soros, but for many day traders with tight stop losses relying on Elliot wave analysis, you are contributing to the wealth of Mr Soros in this zero sum game.

Felix Zulauf is the President of Zulauf Asset Management and a Barron’s roundtable for over 20 years.

His views are very similar to Hugh Hendry in the long term, especially when it comes to Japan and China. In one word, he is Bearish. He thinks this time it IS different and there is nothing comparable in the last 50 years. This is the “end game of the financial system”.

- Gold Bull - secular bull market, solid and will continue - interim corrections are here not to sell but to buy.

- Silver is the poor mans gold. For new comers, buy gold

- Medium term reversal from end 2010 to early 2011: gold, bonds, stockmarket. Probably “next month” (November 2010).

- Japan has their back against the wall - and the time will come soon for Japan to reflate. (Long Nikkei but make sure you have Yen hedges (ie short Yen)

- Buy stocks not based on quarterly results but based on SURVIVAL and ability to withstand an economic collapse.

- Bond prices are almost done and may shoot up before going down

- China internals similar to Japan 1990s. Manufacturing price deflation, rising debt, poor corporate cashflow and poor profitability - Japan’s downfall was succumbing to America’s pressure to strengthen the Yen - which destroyed tight profit margins. So, DO NOT expect China to fall for the same trick in devaluating the Yuan.

- But containing the Yuan will result in inflation from Yuan printing (to buy USD).

- Euros survival will be supported by political will but the (German) peoples will may result in its demise - “At the end of the day, the Euro will have to give”.

- QE will result in the opposite of what Ben Bernanke wants - it will fuel Asia and commodity growth, and result in US inflation

Check out the full Felix Zulauf interview

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