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Apr 01

Short RUT and Amazon

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Short Amazon $180 - 100 shares

Short Russell (RUT) 845 - $100/point

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Floating Alternative to Nabucco Pipeline Moving Toward Implementation
no responses - Posted 04.16.10
Romania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia on April 13, 2010, took a major step toward the implementation of a substitute energy distribution network to substitute for the US-backed Nabucco strategic gas pipeline complex. Azerbaijan Minister of Industry and Energy Natik Aliyev, Romanian Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment Adriean Videanu, and Georgian ...continue
Ready to Short Amazon
2 responses - Posted 02.01.10
Dow futures are up 0.5% at 10110. This is looking good. We prefer an up move preopen when we think its going down, and vice versa. We also checked on Amazon after a colleague bought a Kindle. Looks pretty cool - but at $300 AUD, I think I would rather ...continue
AVATAR - Must Watch
no responses - Posted 01.09.10
We were waiting for Avatar to come off the "No Free Tickets" list in Village cinema so that we could use our Village shareholder buy one free one ticket voucher, but succumbed to peer pressure. We went in not knowing much about the movie (infact, we expected nothing more ...continue
TheInflationist Weekend Summary: 201209
no responses - Posted 12.20.09
Our last weekend summary was a month ago - since then markets have gone up about 5%. It is humiliating reading through previous posts shorting so eagerly at every alternate post - we fired shorts when Dow was at 9980, 10200, and finally 10520+10540 (hooray!). Our topside heavy approach and ...continue
List of Stocks We Want For Christmas
1 response - Posted 12.15.09
(Some of these we do not own yet, so please refrain from buying until we do :)) 1. AAC - Australian Agriculture Co 2. MAK - Minemakers - we have some (read full review on phosphate rock companies here) 3. POZ - Phosphate Australia (we have decided to get some of this) 4. IPR ...continue

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