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Dec 18

Launch of

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We spend considerable time everyday combing the web reading our “daily papers” comprising of trading websites and blogs. It is sometimes a frustrating (and time consuming) process as the yield varies depending on the frequency of posts on these sites.

We figured, if we could save 5 minutes a day checking on these sites, we would save 30 hours in a year surfing the web (that’s (1/333 of a year). That alone was worth us putting together an aggregator of all the trading blogs we read. All we have to do now is go on to see if there is a new post. Putting your mouse over the headlines will give you a brief synopsis/abstract of the post - and if the latest post interests you, simply click on the post and it will take you directly to the source.

It took us 5 days to develop the site *note: 50% of the time was spent on Photoshop editing the header (tony, tim, bill, mike and the evil speculator, we hope you don’t mind being the STARS of InvestorIdol - your work is fantastic and without doubt the best online. Best of all, you share it with us FREE - Thank you) . If you prefer not to have your photos up, please drop us an email and we will promptly remove them.


To: Guy Lerner from The Technical Take, Gary from The Smart Money Tracker, Lakshmi from VipreetInvestments and Nadeem from MarketOracle, please feel free to email us a picture of yourself (theinflationist at gmail dot com) :)

If you wish to submit a website to, please email us the link.

We hope the site serves you well and the time saved is better spent with family or friends.

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